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1 SP: We hope to see a broader OASIS membership joining the SCA effort to validate and drive further the development and adoption of SCA technology.
2 This message implies what human aspects and methods, practices and tools should be emphasized in adoption processes of agile software development.
3 We argued her into the adoption of the plan.
4 The word is now English by adoption.
5 But some adoption agencies have been bucked the rules, saying it's unfair to force them to go against their religious beliefs by coordinating adoptions for gay families.
6 However, as with any type of reusable assets, adoption is possible only if a context and method are given on when, why, and how to use the patterns.
7 lamb's coat, after adoption, is often hung on a farmyard cowshed door, now irrelevant, and waiting to be discarded.
8 Additionally, support requires the adoption of one or more policies controlling whether and how to ever coalesce small chunks.
9 But the study does at least solidify that there is quite a bit of iPad interest out there among the youngest tech users, something that bodes well for the device's adoption.
10 However, in the case where these standards either do not exist, or have little or no adoption, alternatives must be sought.
11 While the benefits of using computing in the clouds are well known, its adoption is hindered by security concerns.
12 Recent measures by the Security Council in response to the crisis in Libya, in particular the adoption of Resolutions 1970 and 1973, mark a significant step along this path.
13 In Figure 1, and throughout this article, the method, tools, enablement, infrastructure, organization, and adoption are all considered to be part of the environment itself.
14 Polish your communication skills to help the education and communication teams build on that excitement and improve the adoption of your design throughout the organization.
15 Add these Numbers together and rank the likelihood of adoption.
16 moving to the next level of service and SOA maturity to achieve greater business flexibility through greater adoption of service oriented approaches.
17 So, if you are in the midst of an adoption and find yourself facing certain challenges, a patterns catalog can be a helpful resource.
18 chose the financial industry due to our experience with it and its adoption of a mature, standardized XML schema, FIXML.
19 One of the chief factors in determining maturity is user adoption.
20 is this impacting SOA adoption and consequently cloud adoption in the enterprise, if at all?
21 Their kindness was an advantageous condition, which gave them an advantage over other applicants for the adoption of a little boy.
22 SJ: I'd like to see a first standard out quickly so we can have something with broad adoption.
23 matter how far along your organization is in its adoption of SOA, it pays to think critically about reusability and the asset lifecycle.
24 In this section we investigate topics of scalability and patterns of adoption for SOAs.
25 Also, check over the weekend for adoption events that are held at places like pet supply stores and parks.
26 Consequently, a higher maturity can help you with the rate of technology adoption of your organization.
27 It organizations have had to react to this trend, with varying speeds of adoption.
28 Neither membership of the eu nor adoption of the euro seems necessary: Sweden is in the eu but not the euro, Finland is in both, Norway is in neither.
29 To oversee the development and adoption of internationally agreed standards and norms for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, its complications and risk factors.
30 This article describes the adoption situations in more detail and explains how to choose and deploy an interoperability strategy for each integration scenario.