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No. sentence
1 This child is adopted.
2 He was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree, adopted, not because his parents opted for a different destiny.
3 Finally they adopted the plan [policy].
4 These studies were published in scientific and professional journals, and were adopted by practitioners in several organizations as applied tools for safety management.
5 Tu's group also adopted the Yunnan method.
6 solution to this dilemma, adopted in more than one emulator, is to set up an extra layer of interpretation for file system calls.
7 Blue Nile adopted a virtual model, in which it provides a shop window for suppliers yet does not put any of its own capital at risk.
8 air force has adopted a doctrine of "counterspace operations" that envisages either destroying enemy satellites in a future war or temporarily disabling them.
9 Pakistan's generals say their new tactical weapons will meet a threat from India's Cold Start doctrine, adopted in 2004, that calls for rapid, punitive, though conventional thrusts against Pakistan.
10 But if the introduction in 1973 of Pirelli's steel-belted Cinturato radial tyre is any guide, devices that make cars safer will be adopted rapidly.
11 He adopted a decision that he adjured and admonished the people not to adore him any longer or he would have them adjudged.
12 The resolution was carried [passed; adopted] amid applause.
13 What if we adopted the conventions of a totally different category: selling insurance policies like breath mints, for example?
14 If people contact us with pets they want to have adopted, we refer them to other agencies," she said.
15 But the person quoting it is implying that Jesus was adopted by God, or begotten by God at his baptism, not at his birth or before.
16 He was adopted into a respectable family.
17 The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions.
18 The assembly in Wales, however, is currently considering whether to introduce an "opt-out" scheme, making it the first area in the UK to follow a policy already adopted by Belgium and Portugal.
19 You looked at the various types of COEs to provide considerations on the nature and scope of COE operations that need to be adopted for a given situation.
20 Its defenders point out that global rules will not be adopted unless they are first agreed upon by national watchdogs.
21 His notion of patterns as best practice approaches to common design problems has been widely adopted by the software community.
22 There will be some changes to the specification before UML 2 is completely adopted, but these changes should be minimal.
23 If the parent component of the dynamic elements is changing, this method should be adopted.
24 Have they ever adopted an open education resource produced at another institution for in-class use?
25 Dear," she chirped, "I think it's time to tell him he's adopted."
26 They are ready to be adopted and get to work on fast deployments.
27 Unfortunately, several problems with this model prevent it from being widely adopted in the commercial setting.
28 The proposals are almost certain to be adopted, and the Banks will have to comply by 2019.
29 There are a variety of project risks due to inconsistent approaches adopted in the identification of business and IT services.
30 While many states have adopted standards requiring that a certain amount of energy come from renewable sources, Congress has yet to enact a nationwide standard.