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adjectives in a sentence

1. Most adjectives are not declined.

2. Adjectives agree with their nouns;

3. Adjectives follow nouns.

4. Adjectives are also lenited.

5. many adjectives, like red;

6. New adjectives are extremely rare;

7. Amharic has few primary adjectives.

8. Adjectives come before nouns.

9. Adjectives do not decline.

10. infinitives, and verbal adjectives.

11. Verbal negators precede adjectives.

12. Adjectives precede nouns.

13. see Old Japanese: Adjectives.

14. Adjectives are unmarked for case.

15. Adjectives are modified by gender.

16. There are two types of adjectives.

17. Participles function as adjectives.

18. adjectives, adverbs etc.

19. (Yup'ik does not have adjectives;

20. Their adjectives are a giveaway.

21. Adjectives come before nouns.

22. Adjectives do not strictly exist;

23. Adjectives come after the noun.

24. no new adjectives are created.

25. Adjectives always follow nouns.

26. Adjectives follow the noun.

27. For example, color adjectives.

28. These decline as adjectives.

29. the other adjectives?

30. You tend to avoid adjectives.