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1 Behavior offers another explanation. "it might be that we didn't bite each other or didn't indulge in some behavior that facilitates transmission of these viruses," he adds.
2 But there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders," she adds.
3 Along with that, the generator also adds the required framework JARs to the project so that no manual setup is required.
4 Close contact with the proud Maasai in remote areas adds to the fascination.
5 although researchers still argue about the precise composition of Earth's early atmosphere, most agree that volcanic eruptions would have contributed hydrogen sulfide, he adds.
6 As you create and select items, the sample adds them as links to the page.
7 Local colour lends [adds] peculiar interest to the novel.
8 Basically, it creates a config object with the specified attribute list and adds it at the end.
9 Centuries of manias and panics teach that financiers always have a better hand than their regulators, but the outdated and chaotic structure of regulation only adds to their advantages.
10 The little things that you do to save fuel all adds up not only for your wallet, but for future generations and the planet Earth as well.
11 In a mosaic or a tapestry, each color is distinct and adds to the overall beauty of the object.
12 Then, she adds some lemon juice, olive oil and a little salt.
13 Joyce, he adds, was an awkward man who enjoyed being misunderstood and "liked the disrespect with which he was treated in Ireland."
14 though my family was safe, the waters took everything I had,” she adds, recalling her lost color television and new gas stove, some of her most prized possessions.
15 He adds that if such missiles were intended to intercept against Russia, it would be better to station them in Ireland or North Dakota, where they could intercept Russian missiles more effectively.
16 Pesticide-free wildflower havens, adds Buchmann, would also bolster populations of useful insects such as blue orchard bees—an extremely effective pollinator of almonds in California.
17 A synonym ring adds another dimension to the list, allowing navigation from one term to another closely related term.
18 the spring, it's trees; the summer, grasses; and fall, weeds." Being stuck indoors all winter also may cause trouble for those allergic to dust and pet dander, he adds.
19 Simply remembering an unpleasant incident can bring back the same terrible sadness and agitation to women that they experienced at the time," adds Dr. Legato.
20 seafood "cooks" in the acidity of the juices, which in turn adds flavor.
21 It clears all dynamic elements created previously, creates new dynamic elements based on the new data model, and adds them to the predefined parent.
22 The key to this photograph is the tilted horizon, which exaggerates the feeling of vertigo and adds to the sense of disorientation and suspension that the photo creates.
23 Consider the clearly leaky application shown in Listing 1. It adds to a map but never prunes it.
24 Most of this growth occurred in the suburbs rather than the inner cities, Mr Glaeser adds, with the more prosperous metropolitan areas and those with better educated residents growing especially fast.
25 The evidence all adds up to a case of murder.
26 I believe it adds enjoyment and comfort to may trip. And when we return from our journey, my friends and I can share our wonderful memories.
27 Some children look like skeletons while others have swollen legs and hands, he adds.
28 I was fully clothed when I read that to him, by the way," she adds.
29 It adds that employee turnover is estimated to be 30 percent in India, and investing in employees ensures the quality of those who stay at the company.
30 That only adds to the case for an early sale.