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No. sentence
1 This ad pulled better than any other we have run.
2 So, search is only one part of the ad market.
3 AD Nanzheng "seven escapement Menghuo," the AU will be located in Qujing Jianning County.
4 it will just do this ad nauseam until I actually give it an int or if I realize, "Wow, I really screwed up this program.
5 The AD was run in the paper for a week.
6 All we know is that in 610 A.D. a monk in northern Italy first twisted the pretzel into its unusual shape.
7 's interesting is that, in the latest ad, Amazon chose to go after the iPad rather than the Nook and other devices that focus strictly on reading.
8 Said Betty to Bob one day," reads the AD, "wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have a bright and shining kitchen-with everything matching in Monel Metal?"
9 Anybody can toss the word "flexibility" into a job AD, after all, but if someone you know on LinkedIn tells you she hasn't been home in time to tuck her kids into bed in months, beware.
10 If you say you love burritos, for example, a banner AD for Taco Bell might appear at the top of your page.
11 There is nothing horribly wrong in this ad, it's just that it likely won't compel a user into action.
12 The best part is you can see a preview of each AD description below its corresponding title.
13 Whenever you see an ad online or in a magazine and think “I need that”, force yourself to think again.
14 Take advantage of this phenomenon by drawing your users' attention to the most important parts of your page or AD.
15 Panadol wants to be what you grab when you’ve got a headache, so they whipped up a series of excruciating ad bags to bring that fact to your attention.
16 Those add up to around 25 minutes of AD time.
17 Watch this video to better understand the ad auction and how to enable the most competition for your ad space.
18 Many designers choose to use this streamlined design for everything from movie posters, to band posters, to AD posters.
19 China boasts the world's earliest observatory, built in Nanking in 1385 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D.), three centuries ahead of the Greenwich observatory built in Britain in 1670.
20 The purpose of many advertisements is to make consumers want to buy a product so that they will ’be like’ the person in the ad.
21 Since the fold is seen directly without scrolling, it is often considered as the area which guarantees the highest possible AD click rates and revenues.
22 The AD shows an office worker munching on a chocolate bar which turns out to be the bloody severed finger of an orang-utan.
23 This may generate more ad revenue but comes at the cost of your users’ trust, as they click on things they thought were genuine content.
24 The effect is often used in advertisement: asking the visitors unanswered and provocative questions advertisers often tend to force them to read the AD, click on the banner or follow a link.
25 The network aims to convince those three networks that when AD money is earned by sites that take content without permission, some of that money should be diverted to content creators.
26 For example, advertising is "hugely bartered" because many media, particularly on the Web can supply new AD space at little cost.
27 advertising watchdog has banned a mobile phone ad featuring an image of Jesus Christ after receiving almost 100 complaints that it "mocked and belittled" the Christian faith.
28 Toles depicts Kerry and an advisor strolling past the White House, atop which workmen are busy covering a billboard with an anti-Kerry AD.
29 One Zooniverse project aims to reconstruct weather records from old Navy logs; another is helping to transcribe a cache of Egyptian papyri dating from the 1st century AD.
30 Buddha at Leshan Mountain in Sichuan Province of China, carved in the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-907 A.D.), is 71 metres high, making it the largest statue of Buddha in the world.