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actuality in a sentence

1. In actuality, it held newspaper reporters.

2. Gordon passes on. In actuality, Mrs.

3. in actuality, the timbre is affected.

4. In actuality Galileo was wrong.

5. Objectifying actuality.

6. in actuality only one survived.

7. 2003 – The year star, Music actuality.

8. It was in actuality a demotion.

9. In chapter 6 Aristotle turns to actuality.

10. In actuality, her story is untrue.

11. In actuality, they have no control;

12. Actuality is cognized only indirectly.

13. In actuality, nonviolence is not enough.

14. In actuality, his book is a fake.

15. in actuality, he was a libertine.

16. The dynamic interpretant is an actuality.

17. In actuality, he is universally hated.

18. In actuality, Mrs.

19. In actuality he was taking out his Bible.

20. and Bosteels's The Actuality of Communism.

21. His question constituted a new actuality;

22. and Bosteels's The Actuality of Communism.

23. In actuality the two are one and the same.

24. "actuality") and Nav (Навь, lit.

25. Segreto began by shooting actuality films.

26. In actuality, Simon &

27. In actuality, Lui is a pirate.

28. It is emotion's actuality.

29. We see our dream and the actuality.

30. Actuality study of road freightage.