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No. sentence
1 The appliance, therefore ACTS as an STS for a SP, and it creates a security token for the exchange between the authenticated initiator and the application.
2 I stared at him along with the other women, but while they were imagining ungodly ACTS, I was admiring his goddess tattoos.
3 Designed by Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim, this eco-tower has a hollow core that ACTS as a stack to draw hot air up and out of the building, while drawing cool air in from the bottom.
4 cooled lava ACTS as insulation for the lava coming behind it, and the form slowly grows into a bulbous-like chunk of rock.
5 Its design provides for more stability - with its flatter profile, it ACTS less like a sail, making it less susceptible to winds during flights of up to 1240 miles.
6 Because of its huge mass, the cluster ACTS as a cosmic magnifying glass, causing light to bend around it.
7 Morgiana, while they were at supper, determined in her own mind to execute one of the boldest ACTS ever meditated.
8 It also has a biological than clever, this one biological stunt pretend are fake, so fake it pretend those ACTS are ultra However such biological - of people.
9 its simplest mode it ACTS as a thread-safe queue in which consumers are blocked while the queue is empty.
10 He convulsed the audience with his funny ACTS.
11 Even the Jewish leaders in Rome declare Paul innocent, so, over and over again, people in the Book of Acts and Luke are portrayed as innocent martyrs and prophets.
12 Aspirin ACTS as a blood thinner, which is believed to account for much of its benefit of protecting against heart attacks and strokes.
13 Her throat felt tight and dry; a colleague said she should sip hot Ribena between the ACTS.
14 Egypt is an oil importer, but ACTS as a vital conduit between the huge oilfields in the Persian Gulf and markets in Europe, via the Suez Canal and through the SUMED pipeline.
15 We passed the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, established the Environmental Protection Agency, and safeguarded treasured American landscapes.
16 Sometimes the most treasured ACTS of friendship are those for which you expect to get nothing in return, not even credit for a good deed.
17 It's only later that it will go to the Gentiles, so that pattern gets played out over and over again until the very end of Acts.
18 effect occurs because of a molecule called staphylococcal lipoteichoic acid that acts on keratinocytes, the primary cell type found in the epidermis – or outer skin layer.
19 Residents can watch touring musical acts, plays, and dance performances at Fort Pierce's 1, 200-seat Sunrise Theater.
20 Whether an element is a solid, a liquid or a gas depends on how its atoms interact with each other. But how they interact with other substances, such as gold, ACTS as a proxy for that behaviour.
21 this method, when one star passes in front of another, as seen from Earth, the nearer star's gravity ACTS like a lens, bending and magnifying the more distant star's light.
22 In every community, even the crew of a pirate ship, there are ACTS that are enjoined and ACTS that are forbidden, ACTS that are applauded and ACTS that are reprobated.
23 Friction ACTS on moving bodies and brings them to a stop.
24 This channel contains an event queue that ACTS as an intermediary between event producers and event handlers.
25 First, as the structure begins to sway, the heavy-tiled roof covering the extended eaves of each storey ACTS like the long pole with weights on the ends that a tightrope walker USES to steady himself.
26 The problemis the insulin - this hormone that acts like a key to get the sugar out of theblood into the muscle cells, where it can power your movements.
27 The mature spliced mRNA is then exported to the cytoplasm where it ACTS as a template for protein synthesis.
28 delegate object or delegation is a simple and powerful pattern in which one object in a program ACTS on behalf of, or in coordination with, another object.
29 They're all of them embedded in sentences, speech ACTS, and can be taken out of sentences and still understood in their agency as performed.
30 One way to deflect all the incoming animosity is by spreading the wealth - if not in dollars and cents then in terms of favors, flattery and other good ACTS.