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1 As the bulldozers moved in on Star Ferry Pier, students, activists, and politicians staged multiple protests to preserve a historically and culturally significant structure.
2 The activists also point out that fish feel pain and fish suffer horribly on their way from the sea to the supermarket.
3 Inside the facility, activists staged a sit-in to protest against the expulsion of members of an environmental group they say had been accredited but denied entry.
4 The health worker who persuaded Karamjeet’s family is one of a national cadre of village-based workers (accredited social health activists).
5 The activists were held and interrogated for several days, though ultimately not fined or taken to court.
6 Anti-nuclear activists marched in Japan Monday to build momentum for their movement.
7 It can be used in all sorts of cases, apart from murder, but it's always being trotted out by activists.
8 Oil companies operating in the region blame thieves and sabotage for the majority of the spills, though local activists say aging equipment and lax safety are the cause of many of them.
9 There are promising signs of change,” says Chatterjee, who was a member of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, a group of policy-makers, researchers and activists set up by WHO in 2005.
10 supposedly related to trees already felled in cyclones, but environmental activists say it has only provided an incentive for more illegal logging.
11 April 6th 2008 a strike by textile workers in a city north of Cairo was joined by young activists and billowed into a cloud of protests that spread across Egypt.
12 All of us must be activists, if we are to give this world a fighting chance.
13 Some health activists are so afraid of the impact that a certain red-haired clown has on children that they want him to retire.
14 Israel's envoy retorted that the soldiers responded in self-defence when activists on board the aid vessels violently attacked with the intention of lynching them.
15 There will doubtless be more sniggers if that happens, although it will certainly drive home the message of activists worldwide: corruption is everyone's problem — and apathy is no longer an option.
16 good activists rehabilitation, good thinkers, good help others who's music, good people, good at yue, good of pursuers into tourists.
17 Police have not disclosed the number of activists on the database.
18 the advocates of open source draw new users into our community, we free software activists must shoulder the task of bringing the issue of freedom to their attention.
19 Interior, desperately seeking to rehabilitate its image, decided it would tolerate the marches — expecting hundreds of activists at most.
20 Since the unrest began on January 25th, with nationwide protest marches organised by Facebook activists, Mr Mubarak's regime had struggled to parry the growing movement by offering concessions.
21 This was triple the amount of money that the fund had distributed in its initial five years, and was commended by international HIV/AIDS activists and organisations.
22 New York spends about $75 million per year pursuing misdemeanor marijuana charges. Activists say that money can be better spent on other law enforcement issues.
23 Syrian activists say the city of Hama is suffering severe food and medical shortages after five days of being besieged by government forces.
24 and 1994, opposition activists tried to petition the king to restore the parliament and give women the vote.
25 Widespread rioting took place in Belgrade as police clashed with thousands of far-right activists trying to break up a gay-rights march in the Serbian capital.
26 These websites used to be available two to three hours a night, selling crush films and VIP memberships while barring animal rights activists from peeking.
27 Most polling suggests that the environment is not a critical issue in the eyes of many voters. But talking about it is a great way to fire up activists and donors on both sides.
28 Russian civic activists say the issue should be at the top of Mr. Obama's agenda, but fear it will not.
29 But Tsvangirai did not win a 50 percent majority and withdrew from the runoff election against Mr. Mugabe, ZANU-PF supporters of waging a campaign of violence that killed more than 100 activists.
30 Opposition activists in Tripoli say Col. Gadhafi each night shuttles among the capital's hospitals, churches and museums with a small retinue, in order to avoid NATO assassination attempts.