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actively hunt prey in a sentence

1. Among leaf litter frogs in Panama, frogs that actively hunt prey have narrow mouths and are slim, often brightly coloured and toxic, while ambushers have wide mouths and are broad and well-camouflaged.

2. The hatchlings, which are 24 to 27 cm (9 ⁄2 to 10 ⁄2 in) in length, have been reported to actively hunt prey within a few days of hatching.

3. Some species actively hunt prey, either as their only food source, or in combination with filter feeding.

4. At night Australian bass display pelagic ("near-surface") behaviour and actively hunt prey in shallow water and at the water's surface.

5. Australian toxinologist Jamie Seymour made a documentary about the jellyfish called 'Killer Jellyfish'. In 2015, North Queensland researchers discovered evidence that Irukandji jellyfish actively hunt prey.

6. Most interesting is that this species varies between sexes in feeding habits, the males actively hunt prey whereas the females sit and wait as ambush predators (Shine, 1991).

7. It is able to actively hunt prey such as squid and swim for long distances due to the ability to warm its entire body, including its heart, which is a trait typically found in only mammals and birds (in the form of homeothermy).

8. they can either actively hunt prey or bury themselves in the sand and wait to ambush prey.

9. All species of Penion have a wide ranging diet, and are detritivores and carnivores that actively hunt prey.

10. The larvae are active and actively hunt prey leading to rapid larval growth.

11. During daytime, it sits in a shelter where it lives often invisible and at night, it goes out to actively hunt prey, consisting of small fishes.

12. Although many worms in this family are predators and actively hunt prey, E. viridis seems to be more selective in its diet, and researchers found that it only consumed moribund or dead animal tissue.