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action details in a sentence

1. Developed by over eighty leading experts in the field, this call to action details what would be required to curtail amphibian declines and extinctions over the following five years and how much this would cost.

2. Construction Civic Action Details or CCAD CCADs or "See-Kads" are larger civic action units of 20–25 Seabees with the same purpose as Seabee Teams.

3. The New York Times gave the film a positive review (despite calling Ray's trademark sympathetic eye to rebels and criminals "misguided") and acclaimed Ray for "good, realistic production and sharp direction...Mr. Ray has an eye for action details.

4. Construction Civic Action Details or CCAD.

5. known as Brandt's near perfect masterpiece by pickpockets steal to hone superb technique, the lens at hand action details, pouring and redemption achieve emotional, shock effect.