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No. sentence
1 They dropped in the scenery for the next act.
2 This future is not fixed, but it is a destination that can be reached if we pursue a sustained dialogue like the one that you will commence today, and act on what we hear and what we learn.
3 role of the pigments is “to act as an antenna to capture the light, ” Belcher explains, “and then transfer the energy down the length of the virus, like a wire.
4 I don't want to act like my friend.
5 Each time America marches in somewhere, it highlights the fact that it tends to act as global policemen.
6 I made the announcement with Al Gore on the edge of the Grand Canyon, which Theodore Roosevelt had first protected under the Antiquities Act.
7 I illustrate this through various artistic processes that act as both reflective and connective forces between people and the environment they inhabit.
8 You are making me act like a fool, and I dont like it.
9 LIM: For the historian, the act of taking part in the research is a powerful example of just how much has changed.
10 The government must act to firm prices up.
11 Both sides stressed that any act aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of a sovereign country is unacceptable.
12 More and more investors are coalescing into groups, hopeful of reaching the threshold at which they can instruct mortgage-pool trustees to act against servicers (25% of note-holders in a given issue).
13 Instead of having a rule that vaguely says, "Don't act up inthe store, " make it more specific by saying, "No whining, crying, yelling, screaming, complaining or screaming in the store."
14 however, similar features and filters are appearing on generalist search-engines, enabling them to act more like vertical engines.
15 country's first act would be to recruit for the navy.
16 act of testing invariably uncovers defects or issues, and each of these occurrences must be diligently tracked through to resolution.
17 You will die by an act of violence, as Venice died, or by bankruptcy, as England will fall.
18 We must act now to forestall disaster.
19 But in a symbolic act of defiance, the Russians decide to hold an orchestral concert.
20 There were notably few of the hard-knuckle African politicians who often run the interior or defence ministry or act as kingmakers, sometimes bankrolling rotten presidents.
21 specific administrative act has been undertaken by an organization as entrusted by an administrative organ, the entrusting organ shall be the defendant.
22 Dominic, the show-off of the group, picked up one measly pear, put it on top of his snout and performed a balancing act as we made our way back to the cave.
23 Congress must find the money to fund and pass the House version of the Child Nutrition Act, H.R. 5504. The stripped down Senate version simply will not do.
24 So, in 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp act, which taxed more than forty kinds of business transactions in the colonies.
25 I could throw a few words at you - supporting, sharing dreams and aspirations, confiding, loving, compromising - but these are just words unless you act upon them.
26 If you act on the Word, trouble will not destroy you and your household.
27 The survey found that even when it came to clear crimes, such as burning down one's garage to claim the insurance, some people argued the act was not dishonest or worthy of conviction.
28 These cumulonimbus clouds, which Simpson called "hot towers," act like chimneys for the warm, moist air rising from the tropical oceans.
29 A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person.
30 Act interested even if you're bored.