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No. sentence
1 With no goals or dreams, how can we expect to achieve anything significant?
2 IBCS will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems to allow warfighters to use any sensor and any weapon to achieve mission objectives in a true open architecture environment.
3 boosting this to just 20% they would achieve significantly better value to their client.
4 We must achieve modernization of science and technology, otherwise we will lag behind other nations.
5 She argues that Taiwanese manufacturers should shift their focus to selling to China and that the government should co-ordinate an effort to achieve that goal.
6 This means lawyers must sit down with clients at the start and discuss what exactly they want to achieve, and how much success might be worth to them.
7 Since graduation, I've also opened up my mind about what a career in the fashion industry could look like, and the avenues through which to achieve them.
8 Scarification is the creative and artistic application of scars in a controlled manner to achieve an aesthetically or spiritually pleasing result.
9 Though welcomed in Indonesia as if he were a native son, and garlanded in Delhi for backing India's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, he failed to achieve his main goals.
10 However, it also confirms that swallowtails need veins on their wings to achieve stable flight, and do not need to continually adjust them as many others insects do.
11 Your talents, abilities should be maximized to their optimal level in order to achieve purpose and direction for your life.
12 We believe we can achieve more than any other bid.
13 Accordingly, the Transcendentalists sought to achieve a congruence between spiritual insights and ethical actions in all areas of their lives.
14 But to make it real, to achieve the economic expansion we all seek, we need to unlock a vital source of growth that can power our economies in the decades to come.
15 One of the reasons for this objection is that firms may be reluctant to invest in new assembly lines if they cannot achieve economies of scale.
16 What I teach in the Healthy Eating Handbook is how to achieve this balance, and maintain it for life.
17 This recap focuses on the paradigm shift to the dynamic sharing of resources, using GIG to achieve information superiority, and the value of a grid monitor to harness unused resources.
18 Somehow their expressions - of desire, irritation, indifference, devotion and anxiety, all arranged in delicate counterpoint - achieve an otherworldly eloquence.
19 Thus, aggregation is handy but difficult to achieve, since it requires crawling through all the available data sources and scaling the search engine.
20 What are your plans if you achieve election?
21 Where you choose to shoot depends entirely on the style you want to use, the time of the year and what you want to achieve artistically.
22 As you think about your goals, instead of wishing or hoping you'll achieve them, ask yourself what you can do today to make them happen.
23 problem, however, is that the scale of adjustment may be too big to achieve by cuts alone.
24 We have the means to achieve those goals.
25 By applying this pattern, you can share the custom binding within one set of applications and yet achieve the isolation between different sets of applications.
26 Over two thirds of women prefer straight hair to a head of curls and 48 percent of those polled regularly try to achieve poker-straight hair, according to the research.
27 Persist in taking the honey citron tea 3 months, you can achieve "change the constitution" role.
28 Was this not what the artists of stained glass in the Gothic cathedrals strove to achieve, only in a different way?
29 Experimental results demonstrate that the method presented here can achieve high segmentation accuracy and high reliability, which suffices the requirement of practical use.
30 is entirely possible to achieve the goal of quadrupling the gross annual value of industrial and agricultural production by the end of the century.