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No. sentence
1 The witness deposed that she had seen the accused on the day of the murder.
2 She accused the think tank of not fully costing its proposals and effectively "signing a blank cheque on the issue".
3 They accused the West of dumping out-of-date medicines on Third World countries.
4 He would have either to open proceedings against the accused or tackle an extradition request from Spain.
5 She deponed to say a fact for the accused.
6 Over the years the company has been accused of using child Labour in Asia and of buying feathers plucked from live geese.
7 He witnessed to having seen the accused kill the boy.
8 However, a friend recently accused me of being a hypocrite because of my contribution to carbon emissions when I fly for my holidays.
9 Jacquard loom was immediately denounced by workers, who accused it of causing unemployment, but soon it had become vital to the industry.
10 One reason is that doctors are terrified of being accused of drug-trafficking if they over-prescribe.
11 A Baltimore man is accused of using a cell phone from prison to order an accomplice to murder a witness.
12 Among the accused were Giuliano Tavaroli, a former security chief at TI, and his counterpart at Pirelli, a tyre company that controls TI through a network of holdings.
13 Pakistan's shadowy Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, or ISI, has been accused before of planning attacks in India and Afghanistan.
14 We wonder what to say when we are attacked, how to respond when we are being interrogated, and what defence to put up when we are accused.
15 The accused man siad that he had been framed.
16 The business directive is for the business to protect itself, so that the business is not accused of impropriety as it executes its business applications.
17 There, he accused the officers of treason and plotting a coup, and said they had been misled by opposition political parties.
18 He mischievously accused the bank's number-crunchers of conspiring to lift the poverty count so as to keep their employer in business beyond its natural life.
19 The SEC accused the firms of conspiring to fix artificially wide "spreads" between "bid" and "ask" prices in the market for small stocks at the expense of individual investors.
20 were later declared to have been poachers, and the park authorities were accused of conspiring to intimidate their families.
21 Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson are among five people accused of conspiring to intercept the voice mail messages of celebrities and others in the pursuit of stories.
22 He is accused of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.
23 Keith apologizes to his father because he now knows that Palmer was only protecting him from being accused of George Ferragamo's murder.
24 Intel is being sued by the New York attorney general, accused of using disguised kickbacks to protect its market.
25 Critics often accused Hoover of cowardice, pointing, for instance, to the fact that he didn't join the military in June 1917, when he finished law school and the country was entering World war I.
26 I have a very hard time being criticized, corrected, or accused - even of the smallest mistakes - and I react very angrily.
27 again I rebelled against this feeling; I accused her, and found it both shabby and too easy, the way she had wriggled out of her guilt.
28 If we did not do this, we could be accused of staring at our own navel.
29 He says some voters wrongly accused Indonesia's election commission of graft in 2004 and attacked election staff.
30 which was why Leona, accused of “naked greed” by the judge, spent 18 months in Camp Fed in 1992-94 for tax evasion, when it was fairly clear that her real crime was to be both abrasive and rich.