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No. sentence
1 He considered fully before accepting the offer.
2 The banks have balked at taking a larger haircut, but the threat of a hard default may scare them into accepting a greater loss.
3 We act as though we were free, not only accepting but even demanding that an invisible injunction tell us what to do and think.
4 It is the art of accepting failure as a step toward victory.
5 But in the coming minutes, the BATS exchange also stopped automatically accepting NYSE quotes.
6 Accepting commitments and obligations that restrict your time or freedom because it seems right or because you didn't realize the consequences when you accepted it?
7 If for some funny reason, the outcome does not meet the criteria of success, then we should also not hesitate from accepting it as our fault.
8 Services joining the SOA fetch their technical policy before accepting work but get the policy set from the work items.
9 But instead of accepting what is obvious to everyone else, the producers of Anonymous offer us an alternative Bard - the willowy Edward DE Vere, Earl of Oxford.
10 After you connect to most such networks and try to view a page, your browser is redirected to a "splash" page for logging in or accepting usage terms.
11 I give you what I have: the present is hardly worth accepting; but I have nothing else to offer.
12 He dissuaded her from accepting the job.
13 Indeed, only by accepting it can we as consumers get the producers to work to the exacting standards we demand.
14 Accepting an award graciously requires some thought and preparation.
15 He makes arsene Wenger, whom he once denounced as a "voyeur", and his friend Alex Ferguson seem like a pair of Corinthian gentleman when it comes to accepting a loss.
16 Ideally, you should be calculating your own target price for every stock you own, instead of just accepting mine.
17 Accepting both the TOEFL and IELTS gives students the opportunity to take the most convenient exam, Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel said.
18 Note that, in real life, we have no trouble accepting hard deadlines -- like wedding dates.
19 The soldierly approach dates from Napoleonic times, when such forces browbeat conquered peasants into accepting the physical and symbolic power of the French state.
20 Similarly, some were cheered when China’s most recent statement of its claim did not include the contentious map, and could even be construed as accepting UNCLOS principles.
21 Because of the opposition to the border guards force proposal, the Burmese regime has postponed on several occasions the deadline for accepting it.
22 This page includes a section on accepting a team invitation.
23 Still others will quit a job and then work a long-term travel stint into their life before accepting a new job.
24 More people are accepting the view that wedding bells aren't needed to have a family.
25 After accepting the licensing agreement and answering some survey questions, you next will encounter a very important screen.
26 Browsers are notoriously lenient when it comes to accepting HTML that contains flaws such as missing end tags.
27 Women seem to be accepting the idea that taking care of their face and body is not necessarily a sign of vanity, but instead a way to keep good overall health.
28 He is also that part of all of us that in one way or another attempts to reshape the world according to our own devices and desires rather than accepting things as they are.
29 By accepting the grace of God, we accept God's plan for us in our lives.
30 The experience had not made him, in her opinion, calmer, more accepting, more in tune with the universe, or any of those other things she thought Eastern religions were supposed to do.