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abstain in a sentence

1. Adventists abstain from secular work on Saturday.

2. In protest BNP would abstain from parliament.

3. no member may abstain.

4. abstain from revenge;

5. Voters could endorse the regime or abstain.

6. As well, she did not abstain from actual warfare;

7. Jains abstain from eating eggs.

8. The fall out causes Shane to abstain from sex.

9. and to abstain from luxurious seats and beds.

10. (8-yes, 5-no, 1-abstain).

11. and to abstain from luxurious seats and beds.

12. and to abstain from drinking and gambling.

13. to abstain from blasphemy;

14. She called for all teens to abstain from sex.

15. and . . . abstain from intoxicating drinks."

16. They vow to do or abstain from some action.

17. Mitchell wants to abstain from blood-drinking.

18. the others then vote yes, no or abstain.

19. They can also abstain.

20. Those drivers have to abstain from alcohol.

21. instead they decided to abstain from the vote.

22. At election times many people abstain from voting.

23. Azerbaijan and Pakistan decided to abstain.

24. So I have decided to abstain.

25. instead, it preferred to abstain from voting.

26. to practice or abstain from practicing religion;

27. Abstain votes are not counted.

28. He swore to abstain from smoking.

29. In Rangoon, however, most voters will abstain.

30. in doubt, the Lord chose to abstain.