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absorb in a sentence

1. but is able to absorb them.

2. All parts of the CRT must absorb X-rays.

3. Plants absorb some uranium from soil.

4. all absorb 99.9% of light or more.

5. He continued to absorb new influences.

6. This process may release or absorb energy.

7. Now the plant can absorb more light.

8. It is also used to absorb oils and grease.

9. I was able to absorb stuff I read.

10. or try to absorb him into the Scouts.

11. i.e. does not absorb moisture.

12. Trees absorb heavy metals.

13. In 1974, they could absorb 5 mph impacts.

14. It does not absorb visible light.

15. they cannot absorb people who use them.

16. They also absorb hurricane storm surges.

17. Galactus decides to absorb Asgard next.

18. Trees produce oxygen and absorb CO2.

19. Silicon does not absorb light very well.

20. Now the plant can absorb more light.

21. MAAs are able to absorb UV light.

22. Some of them absorb moisture.

23. Dark surfaces absorb more light energy.

24. Dark surfaces absorb more light energy.

25. Cells absorb and scatter the light.

26. This species is known to absorb selenium.

27. Oceans absorb about half this.

28. Diatom mud can absorb formaldehyde?

29. absorb high voltage and curren.

30. porousness of snow makes it absorb sound.