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absolved in a sentence

1. His wife Placina was absolved.

2. He was absolved in 1302.

3. An inquiry absolved the Coast Guard of blame.

4. And he absolved them all.

5. He was absolved two years later, in 1584.

6. Absolved, he regained the presidency.

7. Later, Mannino was absolved.

8. however he was absolved of this crime.

9. However, he was later absolved of any blame.

10. Boturini was absolved.

11. Alexander was thereafter absolved.

12. Poppy is subsequently absolved.

13. the F-100 pilot was absolved of any blame.

14. She was absolved of all guilt after she died.

15. the F-100 pilot was absolved of any blame.

16. She was later absolved.

17. Raffles is cleanly absolved of all suspicion.

18. he felt absolved of any guilt.

19. They were thus absolved of any blame.

20. However, he was absolved of all charges.

21. The court of inquiry absolved him.

22. She is absolved twice.

23. He was later absolved of these accusations.

24. All detainees were absolved in 2008.

25. He was tried, but was absolved in 1965.

26. It absolved nine of the women involved.

27. The police absolved the suspect.

28. The priest absolved the dying man.

29. He absolved me from further obligation.

30. Secondly, he absolved Jim's death.