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about 60 days in a sentence

1. Many cultivars reach maturity about 60 days after planting.

2. and the elevation causes frost in June and August leaving a growing season of about 60 days.

3. Plants flower about 60 days after planting.

4. Chicks remain at nest for about 60 days and are fed on krill, fish and amphipods.

5. They venture from the cavity nest at one day old and are cared for by the mother for about 60 days.

6. The river is ice-free for about 60 days each year.

7. In sea turtles, this usually occurs about 60 days after the laying of eggs, and often at night.

8. The chicks leave the nest about 60 days after hatching.

9. The egg is incubated for about 60 days;

10. An adult female may lay between 7 and 29 eggs, which generally hatch after about 60 days.

11. Fertilization does not occur until the end of hibernation, and gestation takes about 60 days.

12. The revival lasted about 60 days and is regarded as the greatest revival ever in Nigeria.

13. If completely filled, the U.S. SPR could theoretically replace about 60 days of oil imports.

14. C. intermedia can reproduce year around, with a gestation time of about 60 days.

15. The incubation time is about 26 days and the chicks leave the nest about 60 days from hatching.

16. The negotiations were expected to last about 60 days.

17. The eggs hatch after about 60 days.

18. After mating, the female turtle may lay 5-20 eggs that hatch about 60 days when needed.

19. Typically, gestation lasts about 60 days.

20. Hatching occurs after about 60 days.

21. Boats crafted from timber take about 60 days to complete.

22. The half-life of bromacil in soils is about 60 days, but as long as 8 months in some conditions.

23. The two sides were locked in a stalemate for about 60 days.

24. The average lifespan of the worker bees is around 21 days, but many live up to about 60 days.

25. In the 1920s it was estimated that they could do so for about 60 days.

26. The incubation period is about 60 days for a worker.

27. Adults will begin to emerge about 60 days after eggs have been laid.

28. Crawford said it would take about 60 days to finish the work.

29. The chicks leave the nest about 60 days after hatching.

30. The filming was done in about 60 days in 2018.