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1 Since 2008 these quotas have been on a slow path towards abolition as part of a modest series of reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
2 true test, then, of the radical spirit, is the button-pushing test: if we could push the button for instantaneous abolition of unjust invasions of liberty, would we do it?
3 Instead, they gave socialists a way to think about the problem and figure out for themselves how the abolition of capitalism could help them find an answer.
4 But the ten provincial premiers are divided between abolition and reform.
5 Students and teachers responded by demanding the abolition of all for-profit education.
6 But the reform movement of the 1850s could only support one major effort, and that proved to be the abolition of slavery, a movement in which women played a key role.
7 If we do not wish to see a complete collapse of the dollar, the Fed needs to be subject to a strict audit of its actions, if not an outright abolition of its charter.
8 For the abolition of the draft, in particular, Mr Friedman could claim some credit: a surprise, perhaps, to those who saw him as a right-wing ideologue.
9 He cited the abolition of import duties on high-technology equipment and spoke of successful diversification into different industries.
10 with other transformative measures, like the open-door initiative launched in Shenzhen, the one-child policy's abolition could be handled slowly, studied, then rolled out nationally.
11 The potato promoted free trade by contributing to the abolition of Britain's Corn Laws—the cause which prompted the founding of The Economist in 1843.
12 The disastrous abolition of the educational maintenance allowance will make many wrongly opt out altogether.
13 None of this justifies a call for NATO's abolition.
14 Quite the contrary: Mr Rajapaksa himself, before he tasted its benefits first-hand, used to campaign for the abolition of the executive presidency.
15 Obama administration is willing to talk to Iran "without preconditions" and will work towards the abolition of nuclear weapons, the White House said today.
16 The Olympics symbolize the abolition of nuclear arms and world peace, and we want to work to realize our plan to host the games," Akiba said.
17 is not, therefore, because Mr Abraham Lincoln is very far from representing the extreme party of Abolition that we call his views moderate within the limits of statesmanlike moderation.
18 President Obama, as a black President, certainly knows well the great significance of the U.S. Abolition Movement initiated by President Lincoln.
19 calling for the Fed’s outright abolition was longer unheard of on the television news networks.
20 Proponents of the abolition bills describe the death penalty as an expensive programme with few benefits. There is little evidence that the death penalty deters.
21 The idea now is to use the abolition of the tax shield to sweeten the end of the wealth tax.
22 The Treasury will scrap 43 of the 47 tax reliefs identified as ripe for abolition by the Office for tax Simplification (OTS), a body set up by Mr Osborne last year.
23 One of her first ACTS was the abolition of foreign exchange controls, easing London's rise as a global financial centre and setting an example that was emulated internationally.
24 Polls suggest that 81% of the Swiss oppose abolition.
25 This year it took in three, and it is now suspended, pending abolition.
26 Darwin and Wedgwood Shared a hatred of the slave trade, contributing money and propaganda - in the form of anti-slavery verse and ceramic curios - to the "sacred cause" of abolition.
27 The title was: is it lawful to make slaves of others against their will? After two months 'research, he not only won the prize but also dedicated the rest of his long life to the cause of abolition.
28 Unlimited shorting was made possible by the 2007 abolition of the uptick rule (which hindered bear raids by allowing short-selling only when prices were rising).
29 The new system will be funded in part by the early abolition of the state second pension, an earnings-related scheme.
30 Demands for change covered subjects such as the abolition of slavery and parliamentary reform. The number of petitions and those participating grew rapidly from the end of the 18th century.