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No. sentence
1 Mr Khamenei has hinted that he may abolish the presidency altogether, replacing it with an honorary post elected by members of parliament rather than directly by the people.
2 Governments, such as China's, that link financial reimbursement to the amount of drugs dispensed must abolish that perverse practice.
3 end of law is not abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.
4 If she would ride naked through Coventry market-place at midday as a celebration of the perfection of God's work, he would in return abolish all local taxes save those on horses.
5 With The Manifesto of Futurist Cooking, he set out to abolish what he saw as Italy's fattening and mind-dulling addiction to pasta.
6 Our manifesto is to reform copyright laws and gradually abolish the patent system.
7 Thus it is still an important task for Hunan ideological and cultural circles to continually emancipate thought, accelerate opening up and abolish the thought of "valuing official titles".
8 They petitioned the government to abolish hanging.
9 Unlike in places like California and Switzerland, referendums are extremely rare in Greece, with the last such vote held in 1974 when the country voted to abolish the monarchy.
10 He should abolish the Public Order and Security Act, a bedrock of repression that has hamstrung opposition, and strike down a media law that has stifled open discussion and dissent.
11 Such worries also explain the unease over Mr Sarkozy's plan to abolish investigating judges, who have sweeping powers to collect evidence, question witnesses and decide to send suspects for trial.
12 Yes, gentlemen, the Commune intended to abolish that class property which makes the labor of the many the wealth of the few.
13 He wants to forbid Banks from "speculating with clients' deposits", and to abolish ratings agencies.
14 The proportion of Britons who want to abolish the monarch has hovered around 30% for decades, but indifference and ridicule have risen.
15 The Ebionites claimed that Jesus was horrified by cruelty to animals and that one of the primary aspects of his mission was to abolish the practice of ritual slaughter.
16 Confronted by angry workers in overalls or oilskins, he may think that he can save a factory or abolish fish quotas.
17 Given how entrenched the slave trade was at the time, it is remarkable that a campaign to abolish it which began in 1787 succeeded only two decades later.
18 Thus voters might find it merely ironic that Ms Angle and her husband Ted draw part of their income from his federal-government pension, given that she wants to abolish that sort of thing.
19 To be sure, it would have been more reasonable to abolish b where it was not pronounced, and this is what the related languages did (cf. German Lamm/Dutch lam and German dumm/Dutch dom for Engl.
20 The only obvious reform of the annual press conference’s format has been the decision two years ago to abolish the gaudy floral displays that used to be placed in front of the prime minister.
21 Also, a move to abolish the practice of bento in school became a social issue.
22 I nearly stopped reading on page 17 when he noted that the internationalist orientation of Marxism is necessary because no country acting alone could "abolish scarcity."
23 But the embarrassment of the latest ruling will make even more people wonder whether it would not be better simply to abolish the whole mess.
24 Abolish the minimum wage?
25 most profound implication, however, is that it would abolish the ability to lie.
26 Telecom companies around the world would simultaneously abolish long-distance calling charges, making every call a local call.
27 It has limited the ability of national watchdogs to intervene in cross-border financial mergers and backed away from threats to abolish "interchange fees" charged by credit CARDS and retail Banks.
28 basic Messianic ideal of Marxism - which had a particular appeal for the Russian soul - was to abolish the separation of the sacred from the profane in human life.
29 easy to return to gold and to abolish the Federal Reserve, and to do so at one stroke. All we need is the will.
30 Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade announced that "we fully support what has happened".