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abnormality in a sentence

1. This abnormality is caused by hyperplasia or tumors.

2. Principal abnormality is very low (<30) GFR.

3. Her memoirs contain no trace of mental abnormality.

4. There are five main criteria of abnormality.

5. Her only abnormality is her green skin.

6. One out of every 5,000 women have this abnormality.

7. visual evoked potential (VEP) abnormality;

8. This abnormality is found by X-ray.

9. Plumage abnormality is rare in this species.

10. Chandra Suresh said she had a genetic abnormality.

11. Pigeon gait is a form of gait abnormality.

12. Propulsive gait is a form of gait abnormality.

13. Spastic gait is a form of gait abnormality.

14. Magnetic gait is a form of gait abnormality.

15. Dysfunctional refers to abnormality in behaviour.

16. foetal abnormality within the first 20 weeks;

17. She has a spinal cord abnormality, spina bifida.

18. However, a sudden abnormality upsets this scenario.

19. Abnormality may refer to:

20. Little can be done to control the abnormality.

21. and abnormality of morphology involving dentine.

22. the lack of allowance for fatal fetal abnormality;

23. Bardolph inherited the tendency to nasal abnormality.

24. It can occur with or without congenital abnormality.

25. Eating fish could cause an infant abnormality.

26. It is a type of abnormality of the Müllerian ducts.

27. only abnormality is the incapacity to love.

28. Abnormality can become a feature.

29. That sense of abnormality, Fatima says, haunts her.

30. The only abnormality is th incapacity to love.