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a warning in a sentence

1. They gave a warning.

2. It should be read as a warning."

3. it's a warning."

4. First, a warning is usually given;

5. This acts as a warning to predators.

6. Associates received a warning.

7. A warning sign at the entrance.

8. - A false start is a warning.

9. A sentry fired a warning shot.

10. Instead he issued a warning.

11. A warning email circulated by Sgt.

12. A warning fixed to a barn wall.

13. This is a warning.

14. This is a warning.

15. A warning shot was fired.

16. is a warning to us all".

17. for others, a warning siren."

18. he was given a warning in 1992.

19. Shepard ordered a warning shot.

20. A sign reading "A Warning.

21. The ballad is written as a warning.

22. He received a warning from a judge.

23. “This is a warning,” she wrote.

24. Hugs stabs a thug as a warning.

25. It is a warning against all wars.

26. He gave me a warning look.

27. Barking is used as a warning.

28. Growling is used as a warning.

29. She shrieked out a warning.

30. The old man rasped out a warning.