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a waiter in a sentence

1. He later also worked as a waiter.

2. Meanwhile, he found a job as a waiter.

3. Grill as a waiter.

4. Nicola Marchi plays the part of a waiter.

5. a waiter in a hotel restaurant;

6. along with several jobs as a waiter.

7. He works as a waiter, then as a hustler.

8. A waiter offers her a glass of water.

9. He worked as a waiter while in Germany;

10. a waiter in the winter.

11. Weldy was listed as a "waiter."

12. Order, playing a waiter.

13. He managed to attend as a waiter.

14. In France he was a waiter in a bistro;

15. White only dreamed of becoming a waiter;

16. a chef and a waiter.

17. Each round, a waiter came with a dessert.

18. Currently, he works as a waiter.

19. A waiter overhears Conan in the shadows.

20. Consider a waiter at a restaurant.

21. along with several jobs as a waiter.

22. Mason turns up to work as a waiter.

23. Roy later works as a waiter at Verdant.

24. a waiter by Daniel Smith &

25. He worked as a waiter in a Pune hotel.

26. Her father was a waiter.

27. Oomen - A boy who is a waiter at a bar.

28. He works as a waiter at the bar.

29. Eddinger's father was a waiter.

30. Michael was working as a waiter in 2017.