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a vulture in a sentence

1. A vulture is a scavenging bird of prey.

2. A vulture skull.

3. Castro called America "a vulture...feeding on humanity".

4. "I will no longer tolerate a newspaper which is like a vulture.

5. Some authors portray him simply as a vulture.

6. She has a vulture-like face.

7. One can see lions and a bird of prey, like a vulture or turkey;

8. A vulture at the aviary of Mellat Park.

9. Tityos has his liver eaten by a vulture daily.

10. He has the form of a vulture.

11. A vulture is a large scavenging bird of prey.

12. Every day, a Vulture comes to peck at him.

13. a vulture on the right above the bull;

14. The head and neck are bare like those of a vulture.

15. The bird looks like a vulture.

16. The tail is rounded and relatively short for a vulture;

17. They meet a vulture called Jatayu and become friends with him.

18. ‘Godhve, a vulture;

19. She is a vulture-themed villainess.

20. Elliott has widely been described as a vulture fund.

21. On the President's shoulder perched a vulture.

22. Geier is a German word for a vulture.

23. Vulturus is a vulture-like monster created by Thrax.

24. The fund is branded a "vulture" by Argentina for its stance.

25. Keda is awoken by a vulture who mistakes him for dead.

26. Nearby, a vulture waited."

27. A vulture lurked behind her.

28. She is mysteriously guarded by a vulture from a pack of wolves.

29. We saw a vulture gorging on some rotting carcase.

30. When someone calls you a “vulture”, it is not a compliment.