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a violent turn in a sentence

1. Revolutionary tactics aim to bring down authority and state, having taken a violent turn in the past.

2. Politics in Crete were taking a violent turn however.

3. The protest took a violent turn as protesters began attacking the homes and offices of ministers who were seen as cooperating with, or being in the direct pay of, the Japanese.

4. The strike brought the once-tranquil and calm Copper Country to a violent turn from which it would ultimately not recover.

5. As the masses were leaderless the protest took a violent turn.

6. The demand took a violent turn on the Direct Action Day (16 August 1946) and inter-communal violence between Hindus and Muslims became endemic.

7. This led to a violent turn when Sewell was reported to have pounced on the member for Nelson James Mackay and seized him by the throat.

8. The events took a violent turn that afternoon, as hostilities resumed outside of the ILA strike kitchen.

9. This caused public outrage and took a violent turn.

10. Pearson was involved in a violent turn two crash with Charlie Glotzbach on March 20, 2010, during a legends race at Bristol Motor Speedway, knocking him unconscious.

11. In early 1832, opposition took a violent turn.

12. During the first half of the 20th century, the Indian Independence Movement began to reach its peak and took a violent turn in Bengal.

13. Though most demonstrations were peaceful, a Vista, California rally took a violent turn at day's end when crowds began throwing rocks and bottles at sheriff's deputies.

14. While at first it seems they are all having a few harmless drinks, the night soon takes a violent turn as several things are realized;

15. Now his mania took a violent turn, and he decided that he had been commanded by a higher power to kill the President.

16. But the event took a violent turn when they acted on their beliefs and a Brahmin girl married a cobbler's son, so called a 'low caste' boy.

17. Their spread, however, also became a violent turn against the government which had previously tolerated and supported them, and war lasted until 1522.

18. Things take a violent turn when radio jockeys of O.M.R F.M are suspected of murdering Ricky and a brutal hit and run on the labourers striking in front of the H.A.L company at midnight.

19. In 1963, an increasing number of white Americans, troubled by the rise of more militant black leaders like Malcolm X, feared that the Civil Rights Movement would take a violent turn.

20. Thereafter, the relationship took a violent turn, as Carlos repeatedly plotted against the Spanish.

21. The EB-66's mission was to troll for missiles, let them lock on to their aircraft, and then execute a SAM break, a violent turn and dive designed to throw off the pursuing missile.

22. In Guatemala, as well as in other parts of Latin America, there is an intense "war on drugs", that is a conflict between state forces and drug cartels, which has taken a violent turn.

23. In August 1954, a street protest organised by the TTNC in support of these mergers took a violent turn.

24. When things start taking a violent turn, she agrees to marry him.

25. It gradually took a violent turn and ethnic violence began between Assamese and Bengalis, mostly Muslims.

26. On 29 December 1952 this anguish took a violent turn when some tribals were hired to assassinate Shri Dhanajinana Chaudhari.

27. After Betty begins diagnosing Kendra’s dead-end life with career picks from What Color is Your Parachute, their routine fishing excursion takes a violent turn.

28. Student protests often take a violent turn in the campus.

29. The movement took a violent turn on 2 October 1994, when the Uttar Pradesh Police opened fire on a crowd of demonstrators in Muzaffarnagar, killing a number of people.

30. A callous and indifferent mother, Passion's unusual behavior took a violent turn.