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a violent storm in a sentence

1. According to Dio Cassius a violent storm had also arisen.

2. On that first leg, however, Nautilus encountered a violent storm.

3. Soon a violent storm arrives, wrecking the ship completely.

4. During a violent storm, Wolf Larsen dies.

5. Father Hennepin wrote that Le Griffon was lost in a violent storm.

6. The convoy encountered a violent storm;

7. A violent storm came in and almost drowned Anastasio.

8. Subsequently, a violent storm shattered the tree.

9. All six died in a violent storm while returning from the summit.

10. The town was lashed by a violent storm on New Year's Day in 2013.

11. Soon the party disbands and the guests depart into a violent storm.

12. Outside there a violent storm is raging.

13. She sings a farewell to her home, and they flee in a violent storm.

14. The roof of the mill was blown off by a violent storm in the 1890s.

15. In a violent storm, Brande then has to find the missing Nicholas.

16. Suddenly a violent storm rocks the region.

17. A violent storm in 1832 had wrecked Mentor on Lord North's Island.

18. In the night of 4 February, a violent storm struck the island;

19. During the harvest one year there was a violent storm.

20. During his voyage, a violent storm occurred.

21. Meanwhile, a violent storm is brewing outside.

22. The official explanation was that a violent storm was encountered.

23. June gives Jorjie permission to stay until a violent storm passes.

24. He removes it, causing a violent storm.

25. Sutliff died of apoplexy during a violent storm in Warren.

26. On 11 February 1662, the fleet was scattered by a violent storm.

27. His harbour was destroyed by a violent storm in 1705.

28. A doctor arrives as a violent storm breaks.

29. All six died in a violent storm while returning from the summit.

30. When she was suddenly caught in a violent storm on the North Sea.