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a two-year rotation in a sentence

1. The Court is presided over by one of the judges on a two-year rotation so that each judge at one point will preside over the Court.

2. Following their undergraduate career, students enter into a two-year rotation in a masters program in conjunction with the university's Gulf Regional Academy of Catholic Educators (GRACE) program.

3. The modified agreement would allow the works to stay at Fisk University until 2013 and then begin a two-year rotation with Crystal Bridges.

4. 1972 A two-year rotation cycle is established for the dean.

5. Yong became the Chief Minister of Sabah on 28 May 1996 to serve in a two-year rotation arranged by the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in the state.

6. Prior to 2004, the Lab did not function on a two-year rotation.

7. The faculty at Chennai are given an option to spend a two-year rotation at this campus after which they move back to the Chennai head-campus.

8. Macro injections of the fungicide Alamo™ (Propiconazole (K)) have been shown to be effective on a two-year rotation.

9. In a system with normal tillage, a one-year rotation out of corn can be effective, but a two-year rotation may be required for a reduced-tillage system.

10. In fields with a history of gray leaf spot with a no-till system, a two-year rotation may be needed.

11. The musical ensemble is specifically auditioned from the State of Brandenburg, Germany on a two-year rotation.