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a token in a sentence

1. mortals pay a token fee;

2. Morton received a token payment.

3. He is a token (instance) of the type (kind).

4. Etty was paid only a token £40 fee.

5. Anything else would be a token".

6. Outside fare control, there is a token booth.

7. A penalty applies should a token be lost.

8. There are three turnstiles and a token booth.

9. as a token of great power in the Land.

10. Outside the turnstile bank is a token booth.

11. As a token of respect, Aeryn acquiesced.

12. Only the Bronx-bound side has a token booth;

13. Outside fare control, there is a token booth;

14. The "fountain" presses her for a token.

15. and they do it for a token of bravery.

16. She leaves a token for the dress.

17. Herrero as a token of surrender.

18. a heart-shaped shield as a token of love;

19. As a token of friendship.

20. ii. No. 1), A Token for Ship-Boyes;

21. He's a token passenger."

22. Anything else would be a token."

23. She received a token of appreciation.

24. They paid only a token membership fee.

25. Then the spellers receive a token.

26. He is also a token and medal designer.

27. The students pay a token Rs. 20 per month.

28. The line was operated on a token system.

29. He takes it as a token of her esteem.

30. This little gift is a token of our regard.