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a thing ἰδείν in a sentence

1. I am not a thing—a noun.

2. Don't miss a thing."

3. It was a thing of beauty."

4. It's a thing of beauty."

5. I don’t need a thing.

6. The spirit is not a thing.

7. I can’t do such a thing."

8. to turn a thing right about.

9. A thing of sorrow.

10. It's not a thing to skim;

11. She was a thing of trophies.

12. That serious of a thing.

13. and It’s a Thing.

14. Islam is a thing."

15. I wouldn't change a thing.

16. She cannot remember a thing.

17. I didn't feel a thing.

18. Wouldn't change a thing.

19. He cannot do such a thing."

20. War is a thing of the past.

21. Not a thing must be broken!"

22. I Got a Thing For You.

23. I couldn't do a thing."

24. a thing all but impossible.

25. Valets don't say a thing.

26. What a thing is human life!

27. This is a thing of holiness.

28. So that’s a thing.

29. A Thing Called Love (2004);

30. Only he can do such a thing.