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a terrestrial environment in a sentence

1. They developed behaviours suitable for reproduction in a terrestrial environment.

2. a terrestrial environment is also present on the higher grounds of the continental levees, where xerophile ecosystems have developed.

3. Cyanobacteria appear to have originated in freshwater or a terrestrial environment.

4. To prevent desiccation of plant tissues in a terrestrial environment, a waxy cuticle covering the soft tissue of the plant may be present, providing protection.

5. Given its long neck and paddle-like limbs, it was probably incapable of functioning comfortably in a terrestrial environment.

6. The common ancestry of all living turtles is believed to be aquatic, while the earliest turtles are believed to have lived in a terrestrial environment.

7. The area above the high-tide mark is the supralittoral zone which is virtually a terrestrial environment.

8. The presence of this particular iron oxide is evidence for a terrestrial environment of deposition such as a desert, and gives the rocks the red colour which they are named after.

9. The Philippine brown deer generally thrives in a terrestrial environment from sea level up to at least 2,900 m (9,500 ft).

10. For example, a bear eats a salmon and acquires the resources that have passed through the marine environment across the habitat boundary and into a terrestrial environment.

11. It is native to a terrestrial environment that includes deciduous cloud forests and oak woods on limestone.

12. Discontinuous gas exchange cycles have long been thought to be an adaptation to conserve water when living in a terrestrial environment (the hygric hypothesis).

13. Sediment deposition of the Stormberg Group took place in a terrestrial environment that was seasonally arid.

14. Adults of Melampus bidentatus can survive in a terrestrial environment, but its larvae require an aquatic habitat in order to survive.

15. The Deseado Formation preserved a terrestrial environment, and thus the presence of penguins was considered highly unusual.

16. By the Triassic, North Carolina had a terrestrial environment where the local bodies of freshwater were inhabited by invertebrates and fishes while conifers and cycads grew on land.

17. By the end of the era the state was almost entirely a terrestrial environment.

18. During the transition between the Early and Late Cretaceous, Delaware was changing from a terrestrial environment to a shallow sea.

19. Unlike southern Mississippi, the state's northern half persisted as a terrestrial environment covered by forests and swamps.

20. As the sea retreated South Dakota became a terrestrial environment dotted with lakes, streams, and swamps.

21. During the Permian, most of Nebraska was a terrestrial environment, but both brackish and freshwater habitats were present.

22. It was replaced by a terrestrial environment dotted with lakes and rivers.

23. During the Carboniferous, Oklahoma was a terrestrial environment characterized by vast river systems and accompanying deltas.

24. Oklahoma was a terrestrial environment for most of the ensuing Mesozoic era.

25. a fundamental skeletal feature that allows the organism to transfer force produced in its hindlimbs to its axial skeleton, and move in a terrestrial environment.

26. Homeostasis mechanisms suitable for a terrestrial environment may have been necessary to develop before these organisms invaded land.

27. This is a common feature of secondarily aquatic tetrapods in general, in which the limbs are adapted for steering and/or propulsion through water rather than walking and supporting the body against unidirectional gravity in a terrestrial environment.

28. D. indicus, by contrast, appears in a terrestrial environment.

29. Sedimentary rocks and fossil evidence suggests that Ohio has been a terrestrial environment since the Permian.

30. The fossil snake from Argentina is also thought to have lived on land, since it was found in what was once a terrestrial environment.