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a syndicate in a sentence

1. The varsity has a syndicate.

2. Hawkins formed a syndicate of wealthy merchants to invest in trade.

3. They joined the NBL by 1938 as the Red Skins, owned by a syndicate.

4. As of 14 September, MEC owed a syndicate of lenders $74 million.

5. This is typically done through a syndicate of securities dealers.

6. He formed a syndicate to develop the land.

7. A syndicate raised £25,000 to develop the Tahbilk winery.

8. He established a syndicate and the Steve &

9. was a syndicate member, holding a quarter-share in the ship.

10. Myron sold it to a syndicate in Ohio.

11. Litton Mill was sold to a syndicate in 1934.

12. The company is now owned by a syndicate of five local families.

13. Park membership is based on a syndicate membership.

14. A syndicate bank is available in the main center of Kesanapalli.

15. The college has a Syndicate Bank facility within its premises.

16. This was won by a syndicate of 70 winners on October 30, 2010.

17. Dr. Naiyyum was a syndicate member of BUET.

18. He joined a syndicate to buy shipbrokers H Clarkson &

19. It is also called a managing underwriter or a syndicate manager.

20. The late Charles Krauthammer was also a syndicate member.

21. The active business of a syndicate is run by underwriting agents.

22. In 1920, the partners handed over the company to a syndicate.

23. This became the foundation of what became a Syndicate.

24. Churchill Downs was sold to a syndicate led by Matt Winn in 1903.

25. The varsity has a syndicate and Academic council.

26. This ship was owned by Scott and a syndicate in Liverpool.

27. An artist works part-time as a syndicate assassin.

28. He was also a syndicate member of Mangalore University.

29. In 1730 the Braye was sold to a syndicate of five men for £125.

30. He serves as a syndicate member at the University of Gujrat.