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a surplus in a sentence

1. The result is a surplus of the commodity.

2. There is a surplus of about $15 million.

3. hence, the estate had a surplus of slaves.

4. 1906 showed a surplus of £5161.

5. China has reported a surplus of 15 million hectares.

6. He left office with a surplus and a rainy day fund.

7. She turned a budget deficit into a surplus.

8. yielding a surplus of C$6,973.

9. Cauayan city is a surplus producer of rice and corn.

10. If the figure is positive then this is a surplus;

11. This was a surplus of motor cars.

12. it ended the war with a surplus of £1,300 million.

13. three of his eight budgets had a surplus.

14. This results in a surplus of products.

15. In addition the company built up a surplus of ore.

16. The table presents a surplus value calculation.

17. He help balance the budget and achieved a surplus.

18. by 1911 there was a surplus.

19. often with a surplus of men.

20. This resulted in a surplus of wine.

21. 120 million DDK to a surplus of appr.

22. As result, Bulog had a surplus on its account.

23. In 2006, the District had a surplus of $2,649,573.

24. The budget was expected to produce a surplus.

25. They were left with a surplus of skimmed milk.

26. There is a surplus of about $15 million.

27. Due to this fact it had a surplus of app.

28. There was also a "Surplus" of £10 per ton.

29. on the contrary there was very often a surplus.

30. a surplus of $1,350,000;