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a spermatophore in a sentence

1. Other zoologists thought it a spermatophore;

2. This is used for depositing a spermatophore inside the mantle cavity of a female.

3. In the typical way of all krill, the male attaches a spermatophore to the genital opening of the female.

4. The male passes a spermatophore to the female;

5. Mating involves direct copulation, rather than the deposition of a spermatophore.

6. Males nudge a willing female to initiate mating, and then deposit a spermatophore on the lake bottom.

7. Some species of butterflies and moths also deposit a spermatophore into the female during copulation.

8. During mating, the male places a spermatophore on the female, which she uses to fertilise her eggs.

9. During copulation, sperm is transferred from male to female inside a spermatophore.

10. There are several theories regarding the adaptive value of using a spermatophore.

11. Males court females with a ritualised display and deposit a spermatophore.

12. He then attaches a spermatophore to the substrate, which she will retrieve into her cloaca.

13. Sperm is transferred to the female in a spermatophore.

14. The females do this by securing extra sperm from the single mating and creates a spermatophore.

15. The cost of producing a spermatophore is relatively low compared to the female investment in oviposition.

16. During mating, the male passes nutrients in a spermatophore;

17. He then attaches a spermatophore to the substrate, which she will retrieve into her cloaca.

18. As in Arion, sperm is transferred in a spermatophore.

19. The males deposit a spermatophore on the females body, which she then absorbs.

20. During this time, the male is able to transfer a spermatophore to the female's exoskeleton.

21. There is a "spermatophore packaging organ" next to the testis.

22. A spermatophore is pushed by one through the integument of the other, usually into the clitellar region.

23. Males deposit a spermatophore which the female retrieves to fertilize eggs.

24. In the genus Dolops, the males deposit a spermatophore onto the females.

25. In Photinus Fireflies, males create a spermatophore that is rich in nutrients and costly to produce.

26. At mating, the male engages in courtship behavior and produces a spermatophore.

27. Males deposit a spermatophore that the female retrieves to fertilize eggs.

28. A female squid will store a spermatophore from the male inside of bucchal pouches inside of her mouth.

29. A sizable ball of sperm is deposited there in the form of a spermatophore.

30. condom is Lubricated normal condom, which has a spermatophore on the top.