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a solution in a sentence

1. A tonneau cover provides a solution.

2. War is proposed as a solution.

3. for w. Clearly iπ/2 is a solution.

4. If only there were a solution."

5. Erdős offered $500 for a solution.

6. Grass waterways can be a solution.

7. Still there is a solution.

8. TRF offers a solution to this issue.

9. there is a solution.

10. At last a solution was worked out.

11. This is a solution."

12. Fortunately, there's a solution.

13. Srivastava may have a solution.

14. There's always a solution.

15. A tunnel was proposed as a solution;

16. Look, I don't see a solution today."

17. A solution is given by. where.

18. X, there exists a solution u ∈

19. Bardeen had a solution.

20. I will think of a solution."

21. Maddox comes up with a solution;

22. Grafting is a solution.

23. Maybe there is a solution.

24. Beth comes up with a solution;

25. Democracy can give [a] solution.

26. His wife proposed a solution.

27. 2. Choosing a solution.

28. It doesn't provide a solution."

29. A solution was already at hand;

30. Silverman came up with a solution.