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a socialist in a sentence

1. As a young man I was a Socialist.

2. Sylvia became a socialist.

3. I am a Christian and a Socialist.

4. She is a socialist and a feminist.

5. Jensen is a socialist.

6. He was a socialist and atheist.

7. Karin Smirnov was a socialist;

8. He was a socialist.

9. Amir, like Sjahrir, is a Socialist.

10. He became a socialist.

11. Lefevre is a socialist.

12. There was also a socialist library.

13. one is a socialist.”

14. Wheeldon was a socialist.

15. He also became a socialist.

16. Riika reads from a socialist tract;

17. He was a Mason and a socialist.

18. His father was a socialist.

19. In politics, he was a socialist;

20. A Christian must be a socialist.

21. Grassi was a Socialist.

22. Beneduce was a socialist.

23. It has a socialist stance.

24. Rayner identifies as a socialist.

25. He gradually became a socialist.

26. I will make it a socialist one.

27. She is a feminist and a socialist.

28. He is seen as a socialist pioneer.

29. Gray was a socialist and a Quaker.

30. She was a socialist and agnostic.