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a small packet in a sentence

1. In most of these, the male deposits a spermatophore, a small packet of sperm on top of a gelatinous cone, on the substrate either on land or in the water.

2. A small packet, the Goldenrod, ferried passengers from Brooksville to Castine and there was a pier to the south where the Belfast boat berthed.

3. This also caused problems for file transfer protocols, e.g., UUCP 'g' or Kermit, where a small packet of data was sent by one computer, followed by a wait for acknowledgment from the receiver ("send and wait").

4. Functionally, it downloaded a small packet of work, performed calculations on it, and uploaded it back to Stanford University.

5. False dealing techniques include: second dealing, bottom dealing, middle dealing, false counts (more or less cards are dealt than expected), and double dealing (the top and bottom cards of a small packet are dealt together).

6. That night, George watches the black-bearded man as he secretes a small packet behind the skirting board in the bathroom.

7. Typically, they include a small can of sardines or tuna, instant noodles, crackers, instant coffee, a small packet of peanuts, ginger tea, and a biscuit or cookie.

8. If a large packet A comes before a small packet B, B still has to wait until A is completely served.

9. In the preface he buys a writing desk in which there is a secret compartment containing the papers of A and B. In this book the writer of the preface, Hillarius Bookbinder, finds a small packet of papers left over from an old customer, Mr. Literatus, and parts one and two of Stages On Life's Way are found there.

10. That night, George watches the black-bearded man as he secretes a small packet behind the skirting board in the bathroom.

11. They were issued "paraguns", a kind of handheld gun, however, when fired, sparks and smoke would exit the barrel, suggesting it fired a kind of projectile, or possibly a small packet of plasma, although the gun's report sounded nothing like a conventional firearm.

12. Morgan's Raiders had already appropriated a small packet named John T. McCombs and used her as a decoy to hail down and capture the Alice Dean.

13. Every time a customer purchased fuel at an Esso fuel station in Canada, they received a small packet of "6 - Power Players Trader's Stickers".

14. ORV baits consist of a small packet containing the oral vaccine which is then either coated in a fishmeal paste or encased in a fishmeal-polymer block.

15. According to church trustee V.A. Abraham, the origin of the aval nercha is attributed to an elderly matriarch of the Mukkathu family named Ackamma who used to take a small packet of aval to distribute it to the devotees after the Holy Qurbana on Maundy Thursday.

16. They consist of a small packet of sherbet, with a lollipop sealed into the bag.

17. He also received a small packet, express delivered from Canada, which included the knobs and two of the silver handles from Stewart's casket as well as a small strip of velvet and triangular piece of paper.

18. Sqwincher's product Quik Stik is a "small packet of sugar-free, powdered drink mix, about the size of a three-piece package of Sweet Tarts".

19. The physical layer synchronizes a small packet of tones to the zero-crossing of the power line's voltage.

20. During the flight, Jack is called upon to save Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan), who has asphyxiated while attempting to swallow a small packet of heroin.

21. Replacement TFI modules are sold with a small packet of heat transfer compound which should be applied to the back of the module.

22. Go watch! Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is a small packet of joy."

23. Mahmood may have used a small packet in the sweet mixture.

24. An HTTP cookie is a small packet of data that is sent from a web server to a user's web browser.

25. Each carried in his left hand a small packet of very fine ashes or white or grey earth dust, the en closing material was of soft bark, this was struck by the right hand, thereby emitting some of the powder within, which floating in the air forms a misty cloud all over.

26. Before leaving the bus, Bobiwash would give each tour participant a small packet of loose tobacco to scatter to the four directions to honour the dead as they climbed up the long, steep sides of the collective grave.

27. The cigars are packed 5 pieces to a small packet, 20 packets to a carton, 144 cartons to a cardboard container.

28. The mailman brought a small packet.