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a small army in a sentence

1. Esarhaddon stationed a small army in northern Egypt and describes how;

2. The new allies assembled a small army and headed for Egypt.

3. At that time, Cao Cao was out with a small army, harvesting grain.

4. Tirwhit, however, brought a small army of about 500 men.

5. The English had gathered a small army during the winter of 1449.

6. Aboard the tanker he has a small army of red soldiers.

7. If he sees I only have such a small army, he will not attack easily.

8. Sonar had gathered the prisoners as a small army in service to him.

9. A small army of FBI arrive in cars and helicopters.

10. With a small army al-Rashid ruled the east of Morocco.

11. He's also got a small army of KILLER VAMPIRE ROBOTS!

12. Mukhtar sent a small army of 3,000 cavalrymen to retake the city.

13. Dracula possessed only a small army and was killed in battle.

14. Báthory dispatched Moses at the head of a small army to assist them.

15. There is also a small army base on the island.

16. After discussing a plan with Clark, Thomas gathered a small army.

17. He had set sail from France one year earlier with a small army.

18. Victoria gathered a small army to drive them off, leading it himself.

19. Macrae sent a small army which restored order in the city.

20. Henry led a small army to Italy in March 1081.

21. A small army invaded by the Three Pagodas Pass towards Suphan Buri.

22. I am compelled to keep a small army about my place all the time.

23. There's a small army of them coming," says Sbarge.

24. Later, a small army from Woodbury arrives at the prison.

25. Eventually, he was awarded a small army pension.

26. In March 1471 Edward IV landed with a small army.

27. Awards: A small army outpost on an offshore island of the Aegean.

28. Japan now had a small army of its own.

29. Together, they brought a small army of around 1,500 men.

30. Your papers will be graded by a small army of TAs.