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a single family in a sentence

1. it was a single family.

2. A single family may be an isolate.

3. It is mainly a single-family neighborhood.

4. In Dorndorf only a single family survived.

5. It contains a single family.

6. The order contains a single family, Monstrillidae.

7. He used it as a single-family residence and studio.

8. There is not a single family without a dhaki.

9. It still serves as a single-family residence.

10. It consists of a single family, Hysteriaceae.

11. Later it was restored to a single-family dwelling.

12. It is rented as a single family home.

13. It was founded by a single family from Tibet.

14. It is now a single-family dwelling.

15. It has been a single family home since about 1935.

16. a single-family home was constructed on the site.

17. These were intended to house a single family.

18. There is a single family of Chotiya Gotra Brahmins.

19. It is now, again, a single-family residence.

20. Kalthoff is a single family-name.

21. It was later refurbished into a single-family home.

22. It contains a single family, Stemmiulidae.

23. It was designed as a single family residence.

24. It has been converted back to a single family home.

25. It was built as a single family residence in 1885.

26. In 1983 it was a single family residence.

27. A single-family house in Vihtavuori.

28. It was later restored as a single family dwelling.

29. It has since been adapted as a single-family home.

30. Everyone starts to live like a single-family.