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a single blow in a sentence

1. He entered a boxing contest with Phorbas and killed him with a single blow.

2. Diamonds are extremely hard, but also brittle and can be split up by a single blow.

3. his genius struck out at a single blow the thought, the feeling and the word.

4. Enraged, Achilles killed Thersites with a single blow to his face.

5. He wanted the attack in a single blow and not piecemeal.

6. Expertly used, the brush-axe can fell a 3-inch (7.6 cm) tree with a single blow.

7. One man murdered by a single blow with a pair of sutaris died after three days;

8. However, he is unable to land even a single blow.

9. The two duel in single combat and Guts wins in a single blow.

10. With a single blow we stood at the center of events as a sort of pivot;

11. — with a single blow.

12. Majestic kills the Kaizen with a single blow.

13. Budd's unlawful act killed him with a single blow.

14. Sean is rescued by Penance, who slices Tom in half with a single blow.

15. With a hammer well-aimed, try to destroy the whole at a single blow.

16. He would rid them of the Romans with a single blow.

17. Nordlund's execution was swift, striking the head off in a single blow.

18. Nedunganadu was overran without striking even a single blow.

19. Jason obliges by decapitating Julius with a single blow.

20. — with a single blow.

21. Many of the marks on the Clovis tips are done with a single blow.

22. Baldwin, however, retreated without, as it seems, striking a single blow.

23. A single blow with the broad blade could easily result in death.

24. Chang, an experienced boxer, quickly beats Julian, who does not land a single blow.

25. With no other choice, Leo dealt Treacheron a single blow from his Quasar Saber.

26. A fierce gust of wind could bring them down in a single blow."

27. They say that unlike in Marja the offensive will not come in a single blow.

28. He used the sledgehammer with great power, splitting the log with a single blow.

29. We're more like blocks, but the myriads of changes cannot withstand a single blow.

30. It looks beautiful, but I Fufeng such as willow, in reality, before a single blow.