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a rifle in a sentence

1. and a rifle range.

2. Tate follows, holding a rifle.

3. In the plaza, a rifle shot rang out.

4. I had a shotgun and a rifle.

5. Gewehr is the German word for a rifle.

6. Izzy emerges from hiding with a rifle.

7. It had a rifle range until 2009.

8. One of them had a gun, a rifle.

9. In the plaza, a rifle shot rang out.

10. Xie grabbed a rifle and shot;

11. A window for firing a rifle.

12. I carried a rifle in Iraq.

13. Each man had a rifle and 200 bullets;

14. "A rifle", says the cat.

15. All were shot to death with a rifle.

16. They take a rifle with them.

17. Outside, Noah aims a rifle at them.

18. Cunningham was armed with a rifle.

19. The .416 Taylor is a rifle cartridge.

20. two-handed (often called a rifle);

21. a Rifle Squad; and a Weapons Squad.

22. I think it was a rifle.

23. pistol, a rifle and grenades."

24. One is armed with a rifle.

25. Miro Sipek is a rifle shooting coach.

26. Rose manages to kill him with a rifle.

27. The seaman take purchase on a rifle.

28. a rifle owned by Daniel Boone;

29. he holds a rifle in his hands.

30. a rifle was placed near his corpse.