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a retirement speech in a sentence

1. Agassi received a four-minute standing ovation from the crowd after the match and delivered a retirement speech.

2. Later on that day's episode of Raw, broadcast from Bryan's home state of Washington, Bryan gave a retirement speech expressing his gratefulness for the happiness wrestling had brought him.

3. On February 27 at As the Worm Turns Tornado gave a retirement speech to the PWG audience.

4. After the match, Steen then thanked several wrestlers in what appeared to be a retirement speech, and embraced Generico, before performing a low blow on him.

5. In a retirement speech, the Chief Justice Andrew Li said of Leong: "As a Judge, Mr Justice Leong was versatile.

6. The Miz faked a retirement speech by saying that he was retired from facing Daniel Bryan ever again.

7. On the October 18 episode of Hardcore TV, Sandman announced that he would retire in the near future due to the injury and give a retirement speech at November to Remember.