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a resonator in a sentence

1. Mandolins have a body that acts as a resonator, attached to a neck.

2. An invention called a resonator was added to a lap steel to make more audible.

3. this may act as a resonator to amplify sound.

4. Fig 7 illustrates a resonator experiment performed by Müller et al. in 2003.

5. The clattering is amplified by its throat pouch, which acts as a resonator.

6. The frame is a necessary part of the instrument, and functions as a resonator.

7. In these fish, the swim bladder may act as a resonator.

8. In 2016, Danelectro introduced new models, including a resonator guitar.

9. The other end remains intact and functions as a resonator for the split part.

10. The keys are made of bamboo slats mounted above a resonator box.

11. The basic, or fundamental transverse mode of a resonator is a Gaussian beam.

12. Banjo ukuleles may be open-backed, or may incorporate a resonator.

13. A diaphragm receiver of thin glass is at the end of a resonator horn.

14. The coconut shell was attached to the rod, serving as a resonator.

15. The calabash is used as a resonator in many string instruments in India.

16. A flue pipe has two major parts, a foot and a resonator.

17. it serves as a resonator.

18. The bars mounted in a deep wooden case that serves as a resonator.

19. The swimbladder may play an important role in sound production as a resonator.

20. A gourd is attached to the bow to act as a resonator.

21. In recent years the company has produced variants upon a resonator design.

22. He created and patented a resonator cone of his own design.

23. The swim bladder, acting as a resonator, amplifies this sound.

24. like the banjo it uses has a reflector bowl as a resonator.

25. There is a resonator and a stem, both made of wood.

26. Each section of line acts as a resonator in the coupled lines filters.

27. a resonator guitar that produces sound through one or more metal cones.

28. The first, model #55, sports a resonator with a soundhole in back.

29. A resonator gourd may also be added;

30. The mouth acts as a resonator and as a tool to alter the sound.