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a remodeling in a sentence

1. Cells are stimulated by a variety of signals, and together referred to as a remodeling unit.

2. In 1995 a proposal was made to issue county bonds to fund a remodeling project of the facility.

3. One of his construction jobs was a remodeling for Neil Diamond.

4. A remodeling of the hotel rooms was scheduled to begin in December 2014.

5. The original church received a remodeling in 1930 that gave it a Mission Revival appearance.

6. He took a break from the music world to work as a remodeling supervisor at Wal-Mart.

7. Further back injuries in 1989 led to a remodeling of her service action.

8. After a remodeling project completed in 2009, capacity is 8,010.

9. Crafts-style clubhouse around 1915 as a remodeling of the club's earlier Golf Barn.

10. The store recently got a remodeling, and a Tim Hortons.

11. In 2000, a remodeling of most of the home was done.

12. For this reason, a remodeling of the access route and its surroundings is planned.

13. Árran also has a companion blog, currently under a remodeling program.

14. The Pratt Student Center opened in 2013 after a remodeling of the Pratt Gymnasium.

15. After a remodeling process, it was rededicated as the Provo City Library on September 8, 2001.

16. a remodeling in summer 2014 included a deeper stage and new sound and lighting systems.

17. The school began construction on the school in 1996 with a remodeling and renovation project.

18. A remodeling in the 1880s added Queen Anne style details including the verandah.

19. Construction began in July 2010 on a remodeling of the HUB.

20. He designed a remodeling project for a Sears, Roebuck &

21. The chapel underwent a remodeling in 1851.

22. Originally not stuccoed, it was added in a remodeling in 1924.

23. A remodeling took place in 2001.

24. A remodeling in 2011 transformed the entire first floor into an Information Commons.

25. Her father was a remodeling contractor and was exceptional with mathematics.

26. In 2009, the library closed briefly for a remodeling of the staff workroom.

27. A remodeling project worth $11.2 million was approved in February 2018.

28. In the 1930s the Windsor went through a remodeling process in which a third story was added.

29. A remodeling of the Metropolis church in Mistra created an additional example.

30. In 1984, he built his first wine cellar, as part of a remodeling job.