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a reaction in a sentence

1. Parsons' design was a reaction type.

2. A pair (M, R) is a reaction system (RS).

3. The heat (Q) released during a reaction is.

4. Each Bomb/Mine has a reaction zone.

5. But, in 2011, Santa Cruz started a reaction.

6. a reaction known as "cyclopropane shock".

7. every action provokes a reaction."

8. I wanted to get a reaction.

9. This is a reaction with silver telluride.

10. To every excess, there comes a reaction."

11. At least they had a reaction."

12. We're still waiting for a reaction."

13. Such a reaction is said to be reversible.

14. Fler did it on his own, as a reaction.

15. The movement was a reaction to the war.

16. There was a reaction to these changes.

17. It does evoke a reaction."

18. A reaction followed immediately.

19. This caused a reaction from Turkey.

20. Moreover, there was also a reaction.

21. "B.J. is a reaction character.

22. It was as a reaction against the baroque.

23. The protest was a reaction to Deflategate.

24. "I think it was just a reaction.

25. "I think it was just a reaction.

26. a reaction to Justin Bieber's 2014 arrest;

27. In a way, it was a reaction to that."

28. However, Iran did not have a reaction.

29. For a reaction of the form.

30. The letter caused a reaction in the West.