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a raft in a sentence

1. The stage was literally a raft on a lake.

2. He finds a raft-colony and sea-people.

3. They decided to build a raft and head back.

4. Each whaleboat pulled a raft.

5. A raft was used to inspect the workings.

6. several men escaped in a raft.

7. (Tarana in Sanskrit is a raft or a boat).

8. Man on a Raft (1958);

9. She is rescued by Tara and some men on a raft.

10. He tries to escape in a raft.

11. They get on a raft taking bamboo to Rangoon.

12. Betty, Bimbo and Koko end up on a raft.

13. he may die on a raft in the Atlantic.

14. They were steered with long oars, like a raft.

15. 3 survivors were saved after 11 days on a raft.

16. You will make a raft and go across the lake.

17. William began his river career as a raft hand.

18. The closure left behind a raft of unpaid bills;

19. Carlo sends Tina over a waterfall in a raft;

20. I shall get upon a raft and float out to sea."

21. He eventually decided on using a raft.

22. A raft of problems were found and addressed.

23. Instead, using a gang plank as a raft, Capt.

24. She brings Jake to a raft with other survivors.

25. The game also includes a raft level.

26. They build a raft and set off down the river.

27. They fashioned a raft and set out for shore.

28. Kotta mara is shaped like a fort on a raft.

29. The bottom of the dock was a raft.

30. You blow is on a raft and sail the Atlantic.