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a privilege in a sentence

1. It really is a privilege."

2. It's a privilege.

3. Few have such a privilege.

4. It's a privilege, but it's heavy.

5. So that was just a privilege."

6. Just to meet him was a privilege."

7. It's been a privilege and an honor!

8. Tasks are tagged with a privilege level.

9. He describes the role as "a privilege."

10. It is clearly a privilege, a badge of honor."

11. "What a privilege to be there," she said.

12. Citizenship should not be a privilege.

13. It has been a privilege to serve.

14. It is a privilege to be Jim's friend.

15. a privilege that he jealously guarded.

16. A privilege only for the rich.

17. [...] Being on EastEnders is a privilege."

18. DODD: This is a privilege, not a right.

19. It is a privilege which is personal to her.

20. It was considered a privilege to win.

21. It is a privilege and a responsibility."

22. It really is a privilege."

23. It was such a privilege to work with Gene.

24. Anything else was seen as a privilege.

25. What a privilege in an African town.

26. It was a great ride and a privilege.

27. we should never allow it to be a privilege.

28. It really is a privilege."

29. He sees every day he lives as a privilege.

30. It really feels like a privilege."