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a pestilence in a sentence

1. According to one of his legends, a pestilence spread throughout the kingdom during Ladislaus's reign.

2. Hutton later wrote a narrative of the events: I was avoided as a pestilence;

3. Gozzoli died in Pistoia in 1497, perhaps of a pestilence.

4. In 1635, a Pestilence broke out and killed off a significant part of the already weakened populace.

5. An earlier oracle had warned that "A Dorian [Spartan] war will come, and bring a pestilence with it".

6. In 1583, A pestilence having broken out at Granada, he tended the sick and dying.

7. Paetus died in 174 during a pestilence at Rome, as recorded by Livy in a fragmentary chapter.

8. In 716, while a pestilence swept through Naples, Romuald II of Benevento occupied the castle of Cumae.

9. Later he was in Lyons, during a pestilence, devoting himself to the plague-stricken.

10. The cursed blast of slavery has, like a pestilence, withered almost every moral bloom.

11. We pulled no punches, and Mildred emerged ... as starkly real as a pestilence."

12. When a pestilence raged there, the populace blamed Hanina for failing to stamp it out.

13. In 1635 a pestilence struck Chalon and all of Provence.

14. The final bonus track is a cover of a Pestilence song (guest appearance by Martin van Drunen).

15. He died of a pestilence which cause a great mortality of the men of Ireland in 1095.

16. In 435, a force of Fidenates, with re-inforcements from Veii, took advantage of a pestilence at Rome.

17. Nicolai wrote the words in response to a pestilence in 1597.

18. He breaks out of the police dragnet, and hides at a farm which recently had a pestilence infection.

19. However a pestilence spread amongst the Volsci and war was averted.

20. However a pestilence spread amongst the Volsci and war was averted.

21. However a pestilence spread amongst the Volsci and war was averted.

22. to refer to them as a swarm suggests a pestilence;

23. a pestilence broke out that, carrying off half of their number, paralyzed the whole population.

24. The siege would have failed if it had not a pestilence broke out among the defenders.

25. Bjerregaard was often described as a "pestilence for the opponent" because of his effort.

26. Verginius died in 463 BC during a pestilence that claimed, among others, both the consuls for that year.

27. In 453 BC a pestilence ravaged Rome.

28. Then he tells of a pestilence that mostly killed cattle, but not many people.

29. That year saw a pestilence.

30. Conflict at Reims, London and a pestilence in Tuscany.