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a pair in a sentence

1. a pair of bat-like ears;

2. A pair of red Basenjis.

3. Such a pair forms a lead.

4. A pair of shears.

5. A pair of tabi.

6. A pair of Barbary doves.

7. A pair in Nagpur, India.

8. A pair in New Zealand.

9. A pair of stays, c. 1780.

10. and a pair of "his &

11. A pair in flight.

12. A pair at Point Lobos.

13. A pair on East Falkland.

14. A pair in Hamburg zoo.

15. A pair of Ghungroos.

16. A pair in amplexus.

17. a pair of nuchals;

18. a pair of nuchals;

19. plus a pair of sandals.

20. a pair element;

21. a pair of bat-like ears;

22. A pair by Keulemans.

23. A pair of KiHa 20 DMUs.

24. A pair of topi.

25. plus a pair of sandals.

26. a pair of hemp shoes;

27. A pair in woodland.

28. a pair of scissors;

29. a pair of griffins;

30. I want a pair of Nikes.