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a nymph in a sentence

1. Daphne was a nymph whose parentage varies.

2. At one point, Orpheus married Eurydice, a nymph.

3. the one a nymph, the other a genius loci)".

4. She was a nymph from Mount Ida in Phrygia.

5. Lotis was a nymph mentioned by Ovid.

6. There was also a nymph called Harmonia.

7. Once emerged, a nymph will eat its cast skin.

8. and a nymph that represents the river.

9. It is named after Echo, a nymph in Greek mythology.

10. In the painting, a nymph runs away from a satyr.

11. A nymph, gold in colour, is featured in a lair.

12. A Nymph Unclasping her Zone;

13. Adult male captured as a nymph from North Carolina.

14. The wasp lays an egg on the abdomen of a nymph.

15. Her Greek equivalent is Chloris, a nymph.

16. A nymph is seated to his left.

17. The fountain once depicted a nymph mounting Triton.

18. A Nymph In The Forest

19. Silvio is pursued by a nymph named Dorinda.

20. To live, a nymph must feed on blood.

21. As she sits on a rock, a nymph washes her left foot.

22. Dercetis is the name of a nymph in Greek mythology.

23. The species spends 3 years as a nymph.

24. The adult female lacks wings and resembles a nymph.

25. The larva feeds on the host and molts to a nymph.

26. A nymph is an insect with complete metamorphosis.

27. He calls Ulla a nymph;

28. They then turned her into a nymph.

29. Waterhouse, A Naiad or Hylas with a Nymph, 1893.

30. From the egg, a nymph or juvenile katydid is born.