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a new society in a sentence

1. He responded by helping to found a new society, the Orthogonian Society.

2. The incorporation of the city into the Emirate set the basis for a new society.

3. A new society clubhouse opened on 18 June 1955 on a site near the Coach &

4. The next year Cale released the sparse Music for a New Society.

5. It features new versions of songs from his 1982 album Music for a New Society.

6. Together they plan to establish a new society based on rediscovered individualism.

7. He was an author, and a founding member of the Movement for a New Society.

8. Zun is the founder of Burma's Democratic Party for a New Society.

9. Fueled by rumors of the mindwiping of Dr. Light, a new Society emerged.

10. Paul promises to end the Messiah's evil and found a new society based on good.

11. Cale described his mood while making Music for a New Society as "grotesque."

12. Music for a New Society received positive reviews by critics;

13. Clap's friends formed a new society, and Adams was dismissed in about two years.

14. After retirement he wrote a book on Henry George, Towards a New Society.

15. Benipuri tries to search out a new society, a new way of living and a new culture.

16. A new society of market states is being born.

17. Industrial democracy will be "a new society [built] within the shell of the old."

18. A new society was formed in 1887, established at 85 Chesham Road, South Croydon.

19. During the Seventies, she worked for the creation of a new society in Nicaragua.

20. It’s about building up a new society from scratch, with no laws and no rules.

21. She describes him as "idealistic" and wanting to help build a new society.

22. In 2009 Seidel founded the V – Academy (Value Academy for a New Society).

23. It was originally released on Cale's 1982 album Music for a New Society.

24. In 2016, Cale released M:FANS, a re-recording of the Music for a New Society album.

25. In 1904 a new Society of Artists was formed;

26. It can't build a new society;

27. Myanmar needed to "create a new society based on the rule of law".

28. He helped founded the Democratic Party for a New Society in 1988.

29. The builders of a new society needed their own language and idols.

30. It has a motto, “Towards a New Society".